A Little Background Information about Yours Truly*

In 1986 I spent $400 on my first ever VCR.

As soon as I got it home I disassembled it so I could see how VCRs actually worked.

I've been taking things apart ever since...

For the record, it still worked just fine after I put it back together.

Internal shot of a Video Cassette Recorder


Sasch Mayer at the MarinHeadlands above golden Gate BridgeAbove the Golden Gate - 2013

A  little technical background:

I first got into computer hardware repair back in 1992, while living in the UK. In 1999 I switched my focus to online sales and started launching my own commercial websites.

In 2005 I moved to Cyprus (the Mediterranean Island, not the Texan town), where I  spent the next three years promoting sites in the overseas property market. During the Summer of 2006 I became involved in Google’s frontline webmaster support forum. In the Spring of 2008 Google picked me as one of its original Webmaster Central Top Contributors and I switched from contract web promotion work to freelance troubleshooting. By 2012 I had firmly established myself in the Penalty Recovery Sector, due to my intimate knowledge of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Since then I’ve been traveling all over the world, helping a great many companies (large and small) bring their websites back from the edge of ruin by cleaning up after traditional SEOs.

Quick Geographic Timeline: Born in Germany (Late 60's) → Moved to Canada 1983 → Moved to England 1991 → Married, Kids, Divorced, etc. → Moved to Cyprus 2005 → Started Traveling 2012

Getting Personal:

I’m German by birth, though I’ve lived in a variety of countries since 1983, as you'll have seen above. My interests include Medieval History, Photography, Aerial Filming, and Travel among others. Even after more than twenty years of life in the cyberscape I still prefer actual beer to virtual reality.

When I'm not plugged into the Web, you'll normally find me somewhere outdoors, either doing historical research, flying one of my drones, or simply taking photos of nature. 

* Yes, my name is actually Sasch Mayer. It used to be Sascha Mayer many moons ago, but that caused me to be mistaken for a girl too too often during my younger years, so I eventually decided to ditch the last "A". On the whole it seemed easier to spend my life being mistaken for a window than the wrong gender...

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh, wgah'nagl.