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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Cartoon

Reasoning that a vote for Sanders is a vote for Trump is fatally flawed logic

I don’t often comment on politics or elections, since it’s the quickest way for civilized discussion to instantly descend into all-out warfare. Nevertheless… With the 2016 US Presidential Primaries unfolding we’ve already seen electoral irregularities ranging from the not-so-subtle to the hyper-blatant, as the Democrat Political Machine has worked to protect itself from surprise-underdog Bernie Sanders. Now, at the […]

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“I’ll vote for Trump over Clinton!”

I’m sitting here at the Admiral’s Club in Phoenix, catching up on emails and idly listening to the chatter around me, when a conversation at the bar catches my attention. “Clinton’s a crook! I think Sanders is a nice guy and real honest. I just don’t think he’ll win the nomination.” Three – apparently Democrat […]

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