Reasoning that a vote for Sanders is a vote for Trump is fatally flawed logic

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Cartoon

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I don’t often comment on politics or elections, since it’s the quickest way for civilized discussion to instantly descend into all-out warfare. Nevertheless…

With the 2016 US Presidential Primaries unfolding we’ve already seen electoral irregularities ranging from the not-so-subtle to the hyper-blatant, as the Democrat Political Machine has worked to protect itself from surprise-underdog Bernie Sanders. Now, at the middle of June the Democrat Primaries are over, with Hillary Clinton accepted as the presumptive winner and  millions of Sanders supporters feeling cheated and clamoring for Bernie to run as a third candidate come November.

This has, of course, prompted massive outcries of protest from Hillary’s camp, which proclaims loudly that a split Democratic Party will most certainly hand the election straight to Republican front-runner Donald Trump… and NOBODY wants that.


Donald Trump CaricatureWell… Nobody remotely in her/his right mind wants President Trump, for sure.

However, the assertion that Hillary is now the only one able to stop Donald reminds me of nothing more so than the “Parable of the Monkeys“, which is to say that it smacks of

This is the way we’ve always done it, so this is the way we must continue to do it in the future…

with absolutely no possibility at all of considering new alternatives of any kind… purely based on the fact that “this is the way it’s always been“.

And it is exactly the claim that it’s down to either Clinton or Trump which has tens of millions of Voters asking themselves:



Queen Cersei Clinton – First of her Name

Given the United States of America’s traditional two-party system of government, a call to unite behind the Democrat “Chosen One” would, in past elections, undoubtedly have been sensible advice.

That’s especially true in the face of the Republican Nominee-Apparent being an Egomaniac Demagogue who managed to walk away with the candidacy through nothing more than cheap-shots, sensationalism, and an ability to popularize bigotry.

This time around, however, it’s different. This time the Political Machine isn’t trying to buy a Rogue Democrat making some uncomfortable noises, or working to ridicule some Upstart Billionaire who’s running for a lark. In fact, the 2016 election campaign is turning into something hitherto unheard of that threatens the integrity – apologies – the power-base of the political forces so firmly in control of America’s voting public.

Birdie Sanders

Senator Birdie Sanders – Vermont

In 2016 there’s a contender refusing to be mowed-down by the Serial Train-Wreck that was the Democrat Primaries.

He is Bernie Sanders, a long-standing Independent State Senator, and an immensely respected one at that. Indeed, never in America’s electoral history has an ostensibly independent presidential candidate* managed to gather such a huge amount of public support in the face of the nation’s political establishment.

Initially classed as a no-mark running in the Democrat Primaries, Bernie Sanders has managed to fire up a massive following among registered Democrat party members. With his vision that things can be different, less corrupt, and that big money should be unceremoniously removed from politics, he has also drawn an enormous number of previously independent voters into his circle of support.

Zombie Donald Trump eating Brains

The Walking Trump

It is these two segments of the voting public which are now being urged to unify with the political machine behind Hillary Clinton to assure the defeat of the rampant, megalomaniac threat to America that is Donald Trump, at any and all costs.

However, having been previously derided, chastised, ridiculed, and even threatened by Clinton’s camp, Bernie’s massive followership is in no mood to buckle under pressure for unity at the cost of the “Future to Believe in” promised by Sanders.

And so, in an effort to quash all possible objections to “Unity behind Hillary“, Sanders supporters are now faced with outright electoral blackmail through the statement:

Vote Clinton or Trump wins.

But is it REALLY as simple as that?

Ultimately, no, it isn’t. The If-Then argument above fails to mention one crucial, yet exceedingly simple fact:

Moderate Republicans are as far removed from Trump’s Ideology Lunacy as Sanders supporters are from Clinton’s Money-Driven Corporate Agenda.

The simple truth is this: At this stage, were he to create a third party and run as a fully-fledged candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election, Bernie Sanders would draw a great many Moderate Republicans, along with most Independents, and a majority of Progressive Democrats. On top of this he would likely capture the majority vote of Millennials, along with a huge number of jaded non-voters.

Never before in America’s History has an Independent Candidate gathered such a massive percentage of the country’s voting public behind his message.

The fact is that America’s Corporate/Political Machine has never confronted a greater threat than it does right now, at the end of the Democrat Primaries Farce, with a much-respected Statesman facing the choice of whether to capitulate to a Trumped-up scenario of Controlled Opposition, or whether to fight on in a valiant effort to dismantle the current political system most Americans already acknowledge as being rotten to the core.

What happens next? I, for one, do not know. However, I will say this:

A Vote against Clinton does not equate to a Vote for Trump… not by a long throw.

* Albeit an Independent running on a Democrat Ticket…

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