“I’ll vote for Trump over Clinton!”

I’m sitting here at the Admiral’s Club in Phoenix, catching up on emails and idly listening to the chatter around me, when a conversation at the bar catches my attention.

“Clinton’s a crook! I think Sanders is a nice guy and real honest. I just don’t think he’ll win the nomination.”

Three – apparently Democrat – gentlemen are sitting at the bar, discussing what happened at the Nevada Primary on February 23rd. They all agree that they favor Bernie Sanders, both as an individual, and as a policy maker. However, they also agree unanimously that Sanders’ chances of beating the Clinton Machine are slim, due to corporate backing and media exposure.

Slowly the discussion shifts around to examine the Republican candidates. Everyone agrees that Cruz is basically a (and I quote) “Batsh*t Sociopath“, so he’s dropped from the talk almost immediately. The trio also agrees that Marco Rubio is the most tolerable of the Republican candidates, but that Rubio stands zero chance in the face of Trump and Cruz.

Another round is ordered, and someone asks “What about Trump? Think he really has a chance?” The question causes some discord. Two of the group feel that the nomination will certainly go to Donald, the third is unsure, stating that Cruz still has a fair chance of getting his hands on the prize. Eventually the debate settles down and there’s agreement that things will probably go Trump’s way, so a discussion about Trump the Policymaker ensues.

He’s not really a racist you know. He might be a little unstable, but racist he ain’t. He also has some great ideas about how to solve the immigration crisis.

For the next ten minutes the trio continues to compare notes about Trump’s ideas, about him as a business man, and about what kind of a President he would make. Eventually one of them rises and begins to gather his belongings. “Time to catch my plane.” he declares.

Tell you what, though” he continues “I really don’t like Hillary, and if it comes down to her against Trump, I’m voting for Donald.

To this, one of his drinking buddies agrees, the other vehemently states he would never vote for any of these Republican candidates. The group disbands and the conversation now shifts to the Virginia/Baylor Basketball game showing on TV. All political talk has ceased.

It was frankly one of the most downright frightening discussions I’ve overheard in a long time. Here are three apparently affluent Democrat voters discussing the forthcoming elections, and two of them firmly agree that they won’t vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, because she’s a dishonest crook, and he’s not really that bad.

To me at least, this sums up the problem in a nutshell. A Clinton candidacy opens the door wide to Donald Trump walking away with the Presidency Meanwhile the Corporate-Political Machine is doing its best to force out the one candidate who could beat Mr Drumpf hands down. This truly is electoral Rock-Paper-Scissors.

You may say the above discussion represents a tiny data sample, yet it’s one I’ve just overheard in the wild. To me it’s just one more sign that Bernie Sanders really is the only sane choice as the Democrat presidential candidate.

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