Sasch Mayer & Google, or “The Google and I”

I know Google, and Google knows me…

because I’ve been part of Google’s frontline webmaster support since 2006.

To lend that statement some context, you might want to check out the following links:

Ashley Berman-Hale and Sasch Mayer speaking at the San Jose Convention CenterGoogle TC Summit, San Jose - 2013

Great, now we've established my credentials let me tell you a little more about my long-term relationship with Google. Unless, of course you don't feel like reading, in which case you can just go ahead and...

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Sasch Mayer, Ashley Berman-Hale, and Toshen Golias at Google's Boulder officeGoogle, Boulder Office - 2014

Eric Kuan, Sasch Mayer, David Deering, Ashley Berman-Hale, and KEvin Oedekoven at Google's Chicago officeGoogle, Chicago Office - 2014

William Harvey, John Müller, Rick Bucich, Ashley Berman-Hale, and Sasch Mayer in San FranciscoGoogle TC Summit - 2015

Still here? Not convinced yet, eh?

OK, so let me answer the one question I get asked more than any other: "Does my long-term relationship with Google give me access to The Secret Sauce?"

In a word: "NO" absolutely not. Anyone who claims to have access to Google's secret sauce had better be Larry PageSergey Brin, or one of maybe half a dozen high-level Google employees... otherwise they're liars.

What my lengthy association with the search-giant does give me is an unrivalled insight into the way Google works, and into its evolution over the better part of a decade. As I've said before: "I know Google..." probably better than most outsiders ever will.

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John Mueller, Sasch Mayer, Gary Illyes at Google's Zürich officeGoogle Zürich - 2014

Sasch Mayer and Matt Cutts at the GoogleplexGoogle TC Summit - 2013

Sasch Mayer, Michael Wechsler, Ashley Berman-Hale at 1600 Amphitheater ParkwayGoogle Mountain View - 2015

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