Google Business Essentials – A Top Contributor Pilot Program

Google's Webmaster Central and its attached Webmaster Help Forum have been helping and guiding the world's online business and website owners since 2005. During that time our members have successfully diagnosed and solved ranking and performance problems for hundreds of thousands of commercial and personal websites. Indeed, these days Webmaster Central and its Help Forum are widely regarded as the #1 online support resource for the world's website owners.

Google Rising Star, Top Contributor, and Mentor Badges

Google Rising Star, Top Contributor, and Mentor Badges

Now, in 2016, we're taking our business support on the road.

As part of Google's Top Contributor Program we are arranging a series of presentations aimed at introducing small and medium businessess to Google's collection of free products and services to help them succeed online. These sessions' goal is to enable business owners to run their online presence more efficiently and thus increase their chances of commercial success.

Covering topics from setting up and administering a company website to dealing with Google's Local Business system and the search engine's Quality Guidelines, these sessions will be presented by myself and other Webmaster Central Top Contributors. They will also be attended by Google employees, via video-conference uplink.

Presentations will run in two 30 minute sessions, followed by 30 - 45 minutes of Questions & Answers. They will also be accompanied by online help resources, such as documentation, how-to articles, and instruction videos.

Session content is tailored to individual audiences, and comes in three 'Levels': Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

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  • Beginner
    An introduction to the concepts of online business, including setting up a website and working with Google's products and services to get your business online.
  • Intermediate
    You have a website and business listing already, but you're not really sure if you're using them right. Our Intermediate presentation shows you how to put your online resources to work properly.
  • Advanced
    Your company's online presence is established and under control, but you'd like some advice on how to optimize things to insure the maximum chance of success.

These informational presentations are aimed at organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Business Networks, Rotary Clubs, etc. Sessions are conducted free of charge, though minimum audience numbers and lead-times do apply, and geographic restrictions are in place for onsite presentations. Video uplink presentations can be arranged for English-language audiences anywhere, time-zones permitting.

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