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SEO Disaster Recovery

Disaster usually strikes when Google issues a specific manual action(read: penalty) against a site because of a previous SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizer’s) actions/tactics. This is normally caused by inbound link or onsite issues which break Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, resulting in manual actions by Google that seriously affect the website’s bottom-line. At this stage I’m called in to get the manual action lifted.

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Neutralizing Black Hat (Unethical SEO) Tactics

Many companies and online business owners already know their previous SEO employed shady tactics to achieve Google rankings through dubious means, and that it will only be a matter of time before Google catches and demotes their website[s]. I make sure their sites get back into good standing before this demotion happens.

Google Bulletproofing

As a search engine, Google enforces a set of quality standards which have not changed since 2001 (wording has changed, principles haven’t). While these guidelines may have tightened during the interim, their basic requirements have remained constant. I ensure that my clients’ websites will not fall foul of Google’s guidelines now and in the future.


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Preventative Link Audits

A great many ranking problems and Google penalties are caused by previous SEOs building links which break Google’s guidelines to their customers’ websites, and thus trigger manual actions. I’m contracted to preventative audit inbound links to ensure they cannot trigger a Google penalty in the first place.

Content Strategy and Tactical SEO

These days SEO is no longer about applying formulas, it’s about knowing your target audience and attending to their needs better than your competitors do. To this end I establish a website’s primary target audience and its needs before compiling a content and marketing strategy directly aimed at potential customers, rather than based on random chance.

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UX (User eXperience) and Conversion Optimization

Visitors are nothing without conversions. My team and I assess and report on websites’ usability, calls-to-action, ease-of-ordering, and a string of other factors which affect conversion rates. While this does not directly affect SEO, it has a serious effect on the site’s bottom-line.

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